Circle U.


The European university alliance Circle U. brings together the universities of Oslo, Paris, Aarhus, Berlin Humboldt, Belgrade, Kings College London, Pisa, Vienna and UCLouvain. 'European universities', a new revolution in higher education since the Erasmus revolution, are intended to promote ambitious projects in Europe and to support student and staff mobility (teaching, scientific and administrative) in all its forms.

On July 9, 2020, Circle U. was officially selected by the European Commission to be one of 41 alliances of European universities incorporating the "European Universities" initiative.

Why these nine universities?

Circle U. brings together internationally oriented research-intensive universities that are at the forefront of education innovation. Alliance members are located throughout Europe, ensuring the diversity of cultures and points of view that are essential to this inclusive project at all levels. 

Together, we represent more than 470,000 students, 38.000 academic and scientific staff, 26.400 administrative staff and 119 faculties. And it’s together – with our students, professors, researchers and administrative staff – that we are building an inclusive project with many direct benefits: 

Concrete benefits of this post-Erasmus revolution:

  • An interuniversity student/teacher/professional path integrating physical and/or virtual mobility. The ambition is to work together to make possible a ‘Schengen of education’ for facilitating easier access to the courses, programmes, infrastructure and resources of member universities.
  • International experience for everyone. The universities’ student representatives will meet in the fall to propose ideas for addressing inclusion issues and offering everyone equal access to opportunities.
  • Joint programmes designed around key issues. The alliance is also a laboratory of ideas for developing education and research and contributing to society’s transformation.

The ‘European universities’ initiative, which promotes cutting-edge research and education in Europe, is supported by the European Commission. Its mission, in an inward-looking political context, is to capitalise on our diversity in order to strengthen European identity, and focus on education and youth by actively training a new generation of European citizens.

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