Discovering infinities...



Passionate about distant galaxies, even the very distant ones ?
Curious to hunt particles in the most beautiful place on earth ?

We invite you to come explore the world of infinities in the heart of Brussels on Thursday the 9th of March 2023 starting from 15h00.
This exploration will begin at the Cinema Galeries with a short introduction session with images and movies, followed by an interactive and playful exploration of the exhibition in the Brussels City Hall.

Throughout this exploration, we will take you from the beginning of the last century, which saw the first steps of the physics of infinities, to today's research, while you will be able to meet the scientists who carry out these studies around the world.

This exhibition is completely free and open to all and will allow you to discover the different aspects of the Universe, as well as telescopes of extreme sizes, buried in the ice of the South Pole and immersed in the Mediterranean Sea. You will also be able to discover the secrets of the particle accelerators at CERN (in Geneva), after which you will be able to recognize the signatures of subatomic particles for yourself at the Grand-Place.

Neutrinos and bosons will soon have no more secrets for you !

> You can go to the Cinéma Galeries from 15h00 to 19h00 for a free visit of around 1,5 to 2 hours.
Address : Galeries royales Saint-Hubert, near Grand-Place


This public event is organized as part of the scientific event "Decade of discovery in high energy physics" (
This is an initiative of UCLouvain, in collaboration with UAntwerpen, UGent, ULB and VUB, and with the support of FNRS and FWO