Mitchell Baker


"A medium of exchange that is intelligible and accessible to all"

Chairwoman of the Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organisation that believes the Internet must always remain a global public resource that is transparent, open and accessible to all. A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, in Asian cultures, and the Berkeley School of Law, Mitchell Baker began her career as a lawyer, then specialised in new technologies and the protection of intellectual property. Considered one of the pioneers of the web, she was involved from the beginning in the Mozilla project. She is credited with the Mozilla Public License, which resulted in the launch of the Firefox browser and the creation of the open source Mozilla project, which has become one of the most influential organisations in the global technology sector.

Her sponsor is Professor Jean-Francois Remacle (EPL/IMMC), a professor at the Louvain School of Engineering, and a researcher at the UCL Institute of Mechanics, Materials and Civil Engineering.