Summer Research Program with Yale

Following the success of the MIT-UCLouvain student visiting program, the Louvain School of Engineering has sought to broaden its collaboration on the American East coast to include yet another university of excellence: YALE.


The dynamic of the program remains the same; i.e. to allow qualified candidates from each university to advance both their studies and global competencies with HANDS-ON-INTERNSHIPS overseas.

Each summer,Yale students will be able to complete an internship in a lab linked to the Louvain School of Engineering, in one of the following research institutes:



Or in a Belgian company partner of UCLouvain on the Science Park. Although some students may choose this program to improve their French proficiency, knowledge of French is not a prerequisite to participating in this exchange.The focus is really on the opportunity to offer students at the Bachelor's and Master's level an enriching experience.

During the pilot phase of this new program (Summer 2019 and Summer 2020) we will be welcoming 2 Yale students to Louvain and sending 2 UCLouvain to New Heaven. Very much looking forward to it!

For further information on the program, please contact the Louvain School of Engineering's International Office.