Summer Research Program with Yale

Following the success of the MIT-UCLouvain student visiting program, the Louvain School of Engineering has sought to broaden its collaboration on the American East coast to include yet another university of excellence: YALE.

The dynamic of the program remains the same; i.e. to allow qualified candidates from each university to advance both their studies and global competencies with HANDS-ON-INTERNSHIPS overseas.
Each summer,Yale students will be able to complete an internship in a lab linked to the Louvain School of Engineering, in one of the following research institutes:

Or in a Belgian company partner of UCLouvain on the Science Park. Although some students may choose this program to improve their French proficiency, knowledge of French is not a prerequisite to participating in this exchange.The focus is really on the opportunity to offer students at the Bachelor's and Master's level an enriching experience.

After a 2-year pilot phase started in 2019, a longer term agreement for this summer exchange program with Yale allows up to 5 Yale students to be hosted in Louvain-la-Neuve and 5 UCLouvain students to be sent to New Heaven as from summer 2021. 

Curious about the Louvain School of Engineering and student life on UCLouvain Campus ?  Check the video Discover Louvain School of Engineering

Yale and UCLouvain Students Testimonials :
Kaitlynn Sierra - Yale Student, Summer 2019
Manuel Pace - UCLouvain student, Summer 2019

For further information on the program, please contact the Louvain School of Engineering's International Office
Contact at Yale : Dean Sandy Chang.