Course program

In UCLouvain, FAME students are offered 30 credits of courses during the second year of the master, which fit within the FAME specialization Engineering of Materials and Nanostructures. The standard program is shown below. Please note that, depending on the previous background of the students, some compulsory courses may be skipped and other elective courses may be selected. This should be discussed at the start of the academic year with the academic coordinator of the FAME program in Louvain (Prof. Alain Jonas), by bringing him copies of contents of courses followed before by the student and considered by her/him as equivalent to one of the compulsory courses in UCLouvain. Possible other electives courses are the courses from the options of the degree in Materials and Chemical Engineering of the Louvain School of Engineering.


Code Title Semester Credits Status (1)
LMAPR2019 Polymer Science & Engineering 1 5 C
LMAPR2013 Physical Chemistry of Metals and Ceramics 1 5 C
LMAPR2014 Physics of Functional Materials 1 5 C
LMAPR2481 Deformation and Fracture of Materials 1 5 C
LMAPR2010 Polymer Materials 1 5 E
LMAPR2642 Characterization of Inorganic Materials 1 5 E
LMAPR2015 Physics of Nanostructures 1 5 E
LELEC2895 Design of Micro- and Nano-Systems 1 5 E
LCHM2261 Polymer Chemistry and Physical Chemistry 1 5 E
LELEC2560 Micro- and Nano-Fabrication Techniques 2 5 E
LMAPR2012 Macromolecular Nanotechnology 2 5 E
LMAPR2020 Materials Selection 2 5 E
LMAPR2016 Project in Polymer Science (3D printing) 2 5 E
LKIMA2990 Master thesis - research 1-2 28 C
LFSA2993 Research seminar (part of master thesis) 1-2 2 C

(1) C: Compulsory (if no proof for prior knowledge in the related field); E: Elective.