Innovation classes (LFSA 2212)

Course code : LFSA2212
Time: Fall semester

The Louvain School of Engineering will launch the 9th edition of the innovation classes with the support of the International Lhoist Berghmans Innovation Chair and the firm Lhoist on 2 October 2022.

The agenda is available here. This year's challenge will be co-formulated with five international partners of the Circle U. Alliance.

With this initiative, the school offers a different pedagogical approach to encourage students' creativity and to familiarize them with the innovation methods developed in recent years. The course is open to students in their second year of Master at EPL and also in other faculties, such as Architecture and Management, as well as international students. The objective is to have a multidisciplinary course mobilizing multicultural teams on innovation challenges proposed by professors and industrial partners.
Feel free to watch the short videos below to discover more!

Further information 

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How is the challenge to be given to students selected?

Unfolding of a kick-off session, to better prepare for the course!

New creative exercise during the course: a 48-hour hackathon with international partners!




And, at the end of the semester, final pitches on solutions before the jury!

Why a course on innovation should have an international dimension?