Learning focused on problems and projects

Civil engineering studies at EPL give students a high-quality practical education in close touch with the great technological and social challenges facing a constantly changing world. Students are taught to apply their learning to act, react and innovate in order to grasp still-unknown future problems.

To meet its teaching objectives, EPL sets itself the mission of teaching students through "active learning", which encourages them to take an active part in managing their own education.

Problem- and project-based learning, a key element of EPL's identity for over 20 years, prioritises an alternation between group learning activities with a tutor (a teacher or master's student) and individual learning activities. Acquiring scientific, technical and interdisciplinary skills (effective oral communication, progress through self-assessment, a critical approach etc.) enables our engineering students to become independent, responsible citizens.

The first project carried out in the bachelor's programme is especially important, because it marks the true transition between secondary education and civil engineering studies. Special "De Bremaecker-Stockhem" prizes are awarded to groups of students who demonstrate initiative and originality in this project.