sondages, consultations et visualisations numériques

In 2018, the newly born MiiL received a grant from the FWB for "the development of a tool for polling and visualizing public opinion through speeches on social networks, for live debate broadcasts". The project coordinating team therefore devised an expertise package for the development of this tool.

In order to carry out this project in the most scientific and reasoned way possible, the coordinating team joined forces with a network of experts, whose main partners are as follows (non-exhaustive list)

  •     The Cental, the UCL's automatic language processing centre, expert in artificial intelligence of textual data
  •     SMCS, the UCL's platform expert in methodology and statistical calculations
  •     The SML, the social media lab of the UCL Mons, expert in the visualisation of numerical data
  •     DogStudio, a Namur-based company specialising in the development of consumer applications

The opinio project thus imagined is divided into two major areas:

1. a public opinion polling application, in closed circuit on a platform or in open circuit with a population of subscribers. The system is accompanied by a user interface, which you can find here or on your smartphone. Please download the application: https://www.rtbf.be/article/voici-opinio-la-nouvelle-appli-de-consultation-populaire-10125380

2. an opinion mining system based on open corpora of tweets from civil society and the political world. The corpus was built with the help of Cental. The system does not currently come with a public user interface, for which we are currently seeking a private or public grant. Please contact us for more information.