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Welcome to 2IP optical imaging platform

The 2IP multi-user platform was created in 2011 thanks to the sharing of imaging equipment present among the IREC research groups. 2IP gradually acquires new equipment and is now recognized as a UCL platform. 2IP is composed of one research logisticians (Caroline Bouzin) and two technicians (Michele de Beukelaer and Aurélie Daumerie).

2IP offers access to:


Sample preparation services :


Three microtomes (Microm HM340E, including STS and Coolcut), one cryostat (Microm HM560) and a coverslipper (Sakura)


Paraffin and cryo-sectioning, histological staining and immunostaining (including TSA multiplex)

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Image acquisition devices:


  • Two high throughput brightfield slide scanners (Leica SCN400 and 3DHistech ScanII
  • A high throughput fluorescence, brightfield & polarized light slide scanner configured for multiplex imaging (7 colors) (Zeiss Axioscan.z1)
  •  An upright fluorescence (4 colors) microscope equipped with an ApoTome module (Zeiss AxioImager.z1/ApoTome1)
  • An inverted confocal microscope equipped with 4 lasers, VSDs, 2 GaAsp and 1 Airyscan detectors, allowing fixed and live samples imaging (Zeiss LSM800)
  • A lightsheet fluorescence microscope for 3D imaging equipped with 4 lasers and 2 cameras, allowing fixed/cleared or live samples imaging (Zeiss Lightsheet.z1)

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Image analysis support:


  • Visiopharm Author (2 licences and dedicated workstations)
  • Indicalabs Halo (1 licence and dedicated workstation)
  • Arivis4D (1 licence and dedicated workstation)
  • ZEN (diverse modules: image analysis, co-localization, spectral unmixing, FRET, FRAP,...)
  • ImageJ/Fiji (open source)
  • QuPath (open source)

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Platform charter

Activity report 2020