Cardiovascular Research


The CARD unit performs translational reseach, both basic and clinical in cardiovascular disease.

Indeed, cardiovascular diseases, and in particular atherosclerosis, play a major role in morbi- and mortality and account for more than 50% deaths in n developed countries.

The research group is composed of 3 PI research associates of the Belgian Fund for Scientific Research - FNRS, 2 post-docs, 2 lab techs and 8 PhD students.

The clinical reasearch groups, comprises 10 PI and 7 PhD students, in clinical cardiology and cardiac surgery.

Our research focuses on studying various cardiac diseases both clinically and understand their fundamental molecular and intracellular mechanisms. We are particularly interested in myocardial metabolism, intracellular signal transduction, platelet function, ventricular remodeling, fibrosis, in sepsis, valvular heart disease, heart failure, hypertension and atherosclerosis/coronary artery disease. All these research domains are strongly interconnected, integrating both basic and clinical research (bed to bedsite) and our unit is internationnaly known for such translational cardiac research. We have particular experience in molecular and cellular biology and biochemistry, as well as in population science. Multimodality cardiac imaging, from mice to man, is another competence of our group and is used to evaluate physiology and phenotypic expression both in experimental models and human disease.

Our unit is a reference lab of the  Belgian Fund for Scientific Research - FNRS, and generates approximately 50 scientific publications per year with a h score greater than 70.

Group leader: Prof. Bernhard Gerber, FESC, FACC, FAHA.