Ressources and Publications


Through its publications, the EDEM seeks to critically analyze texts and decisions to assess their internal and external coherence. We study the conformity of national law with European law, taking into account their evolutionary nature. European case law (ECtHR and CJEU) and internal case law (EC, ECJ and courts of law) is scrutinised, classified and studied.
Our work was the subject of a first publication in June 2012, on the Dublin Regulation and the Qualification Directive. This publication was updated and extended to the other CEAS texts ("Return", "Reception" and "Procedure") at the end of 2014.
The results of our work are discussed during seminars organised with practitioners in order to allow a common reflection on the difficulties and stakes of the Europeanisation of asylum law.

Our Publications

Each month, the Cahiers de l'EDEM (formerly Newsletter EDEM) analyse and comment decisions or new texts... Keep reading.
Documents in open access or available to order.
Table of procedures showing the different types of proceedings before the Aliens Litigation Council... Keep reading.
This jurisprudence directory contains European and Belgian case law in the subjects studied by EDEM.... Keep reading.


Other Publications

These papers were written by students in their final year of Master in law. The papers were selected for their interest ... Keep reading.
We have a close partnership with the Centre for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law at the Catholic University of Bukavu. We share here their monthly papers... Keep reading.