Bru-Net workshop | Spatial Big Data in urban environments. What do they unveil (and hide) in the case of Brussels?

March 01, 2019

09:00 AM to 5:15 PM

About the seminar

The seminar will discuss the contribution of spatial big data and their relevance to urban studies. The day will be an opportunity to highlight the conclusions of the four-year interdisciplinary Bru-Net research project, which focused in particular on the case of Brussels (Bru-) through the prism of different types of interaction networks (-Net).

What are the challenges about spatial big data today in urban studies? What are the advantages and the limits of these new data, in terms of thematic results and methodological aspects? Do these new spatialized data make it possible to better understand the structures and dynamics of cities with regard to mobility and transportation, infrastructure, and built-up features?

Scientific presentations and discussions by researchers of different profiles will allow to learn and discuss about the results obtained during the research project, while creating a space for debate between scientists from various disciplines and experts coming from the public and the private sector.



Registration is free but mandatory. The event is limited to 40 persons. Registration is opened until February 15, unless the maximum number of participants is reached before.

Coffee breaks and midday meal are offered. Nevertheless we will ask you 30 euros of participation fee if you register but do not finally attend the workshop. Please let us know before February 22 if you cannot make it anymore.

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Opening of the day by Isabelle Thomas and Jean-Charles Delvenne, supervisors of the Bru-Net research project.

Three sessions with guest speakers followed by a Bru-Net team member on various topics: "New spatial databases, big-data and community detection" (with Denise Pumain), "Mobility and transportation in regional and urban geography" (with Éric Cornelis) and "Spatial analysis in urban morphology" (with Giovanni Fusco).


Presentations by the Bru-Net team members on four topics: "Trucks circulations and exchanges of goods in Belgium and Brussels", "", "On the use of mobile phones to classify and characterize space", and "About the relevancy of uncleaned data", with guest moderators.

Concluding round-table

"New data, new methodologies, new challenges?" with Denise Pumain, Éric Cornelis, Giovanni Fusco, Mathieu Strahle. Facilitator: Cécile Tannier.

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