Energy Day

April 16, 2018


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On April 16, 2018 Anthony Papavasiliou will receive the Bauchau Prize 2017, prize awarded by the Bauchau family for his proposal on "Using Analytics and Optimization to Enable Africa to Leapfrog to the Energy Systems of the Future". This project responds to the aggressive renewable energy integration agenda of Africa by proposing a research project which envisions an energy future for the African continent that prevents locking into polluting, centralized fossil fuels, and instead enables a leap to the smart, people-centered, distributed renewable energy systems of the future. The project will be centered around three axes:

  • analytics tools for optimizing the use of solar electricity in existing systems;
  • planning future renewable energy systems;
  • operating future distributed energy systems.

For this occasion, a one day-workshop on Energy will be organized at UCL. The workshop will bring together CORE faculty who will showcase the cutting-edge competencies of our group in three domains:

  • the state-of-the-art modelling of pressing energy policy challenges;
  • the development of algorithmic solutions for tackling industrial scale energy problems; and
  • the fostering of innovation through the spin-off of energy startups that are taking a place in the center stage of European and global energy analytics.

Practical Information


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Attendance is free, but registration is mandatory. To register, simply fill out the online form by March 30.


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