OR Seminar

November 17, 2022


CORE B-135

Professor Juan José Salazar will be visiting CORE during the week of November 14-18 and will be giving a talk entitled

Mathematical Formulations for Consistent Travelling Salesman Problems

Abstract: The consistent travelling salesman problem looks for a minimum-cost set of Hamiltonian routes, one for every day of a given time period. When a customer requires service in several days, the service times at different days must differ in no more than a given threshold (for example, one hour). We analyze two variants of the problem, depending whether the vehicle is allowed to wait or not at a customer location before its service starts. There are three mathematical models in the literature for the problem without waiting times, and this paper describes a new one appropriated to be solved with a branch-and-cut algorithm. There were no mathematical models in the literature for the other variant, and this paper adapts the four mathematical models to it. We analyze computational results of the formulations on instances from the literature.