Pr. Marthe Nyssens appointed pro-rector for transition and society

In September, Pr. Marthe Nyssens will join the Rector's team as pro-rector for transition and society!  Congratulations to her !

You will find below the official announcement:

Marthe Nyssens, pro-rector for transition and society

For many years, UCLouvain has been committed to sustainable development through its research, teaching and social missions. Today, the university takes another step forward with the creation of a new post, pro-rector for transition and society, to be filled by Prof. Marthe Nyssens (ESPO/LIDAM). Her mission will be to conduct university policy on sustainable development in its academic and institutional dimensions, as well as in the university’s relations with society. She will also oversee the university community’s engagement and participation in the implementation of the transition and respect for human rights.

Published on July 03, 2019