Modelling, analysis, monitoring and control of reaction systems


Reaction systems cover a large class of dynamical systems from chemical systems to biological systems via ecological systems and environmental systems, as well as a large of industrial/practical applications in the chemical, biochemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food industry, and waste(water) treatment systems. They also cover different types of configurations that can be described by ordinary differential equations (e.g. where the reactive medium is confined in an homogeneous environment, like in continuous stirred tank reactors (CSTR)) or by partial differential equations (e.g. when space is a important independent vriable (like in tubular reactors) or when the distribution of mass or age is central (e.g. population balance systems)).

Presently thermodynamics and its link with system theory is central in the activities in several research groups. Examples are the theses of Aaron Romo (on multiphase systems) and Benjamin Vincent (on multi-physics systems with the application on the plasma in Tokamaks). Another important research topic is the control of the wastewater treatment and sewer system of the Seine river basin.