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PhD vacancy : 

PhD vacancy in the research group ‘Development of eco-efficient processes for sustainable industrial chemical and biochemical engineering’, led by Prof. Patricia Luis at the Catholic University of Louvain:

Research topic

Understanding the impact of membrane characteristics on enzyme reactivity and co-crystallization

The project focus on the enantioselective biocatalytic synthesis of high-value chiral amines. A combined reaction-purification process based on membrane technology and using enzymes will be developed. As opposed to classical batch and multi-step processes, such an integrated approach would allow (i) maintaining the enzyme in the reactor, (ii) intensifying the production of high added value chemicals and (iii) recover a highly pure co-product. The PhD researcher will develop novel membranes and study the effect of their composition and structure on the final performance.

Keywords of the research: membrane crystallization; membrane synthesis, membrane contactors; enzymatic reactor; enzyme immobilization; membrane characterization.

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