Benoît Kabamba-Mukadi, PI


Professor Benoît Kabamba Mukadi is a clinical lecturer at the UCL Faculty of Medicine and Head of Laboratory in the Microbiology Department of the St Luc-UCL University Clinics. He teaches medical microbiology to BAC students in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and biomedical sciences. After his research in virology on the clinical use of the human immunodeficiency virus provirus in the management of infected patients, his research has turned to the field of viral hepatitis B and C and to the study of the epidemiology of Borrelia bugdorferi sensu lato and Bartonella henselae infections in Belgium. Lyme borreliosis is the first vector disease in Europe and is caused by Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato transmitted by tick bites, mainly of the genus Ixodes, whereas cat scratch disease (CSD), mainly presenting as adenopathy, is caused by Bartonella henselae. The development of new diagnostic tools for the clinical management of these infections is at the center of his projects. Prof. Kabamba Mukadi Benoît manages several laboratories that have been recognized since 2011 as National Reference Center (NRC) Borrelia burgdorferi in association with the UZ Leuven and NRC viral hepatitis in association with the department of viral diseases of the Institute of Public Health. He collaborates with the Institute of Public Health in a continuous program of epidemiological surveillance at the national but also European level. The new technological tools include mainly molecular typing of pathogens, detection of resistance mutations to anti-infectives and, more recently, the implementation of new generation sequencing (NGS).

Mr Benoît Kabamba-Mukadi

Chef de laboratoire Saint-Luc

SSS/MEDE  --  Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (MEDE)

SSS/IREC  --  Institut de recherche expérimentale et clinique (IREC)

SSS/IREC/MBLG  --  Pôle de Microbiologie médicale (MBLG)

SSS/MEDE  --  Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (MEDE)

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