Living valleys in Brussels’ XX century belt

Living valleys in Brussels’ XX century belt

Project description

This project is part of a wider research, LaboXX+I, focused on the belt built during the 20th century around Brussels. The research aims to improve the understanding of the water system, in a region where flooding and water pollution are known issues. Mapping is used to describe the water “machine”, as the water system is largely artificialised in Brussels, as well as the sewage system in relation to rivers. The urban tissue is then studied through the prism of water.

Keywords, main expertise

City of the 20th century, water urbanism, urban tissue, water system, water infrastructure, flood and runoff

Funding bodies


UCLouvain promotor(s)

Prof. Chiara Cavalieri

UCLouvain researcher(s)

Alexandre Bossard

External partners

ULB, UGent, ENSAP Lille, Karbon', Studio Paola Viganò

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