Water Nexus Belgium

Water Nexus Belgium

Short Project description

Water Nexus was a policy support research project conducted between January 2019 and December 2020. The overall goal of the project was to support the Belgian Development cooperation in the design and implementation of an effective water strategy. It was conducted by a consortium of universities from Flanders and Wallonia, that is UClouvain, KULeuven, UGhent, UAntwerp, ULB, and ULiège. It was guided by a support committee which consisted of representatives of the Directorate-General for Development Cooperation (DGD), ARES, Enabel, and Join for Water.

Keywords, main expertise

Water cooperation Belgium. Policy support research. ONG. Private companies. Expert data base. Project data base

Funding bodies

ARES-Comission Coopération Développement

UCLouvain promotor(s)

Marnik Vanclooster

UCLouvain researcher(s)

Alice Alonso

External partners

  • KULeuven
  • UGent
  • UAntwerpen
  • ULB
  • ULiege

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