01.07.20 / Christophe Desagre - Thesis defense on "Essays on technological innovation in finance"

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

The Rector of UCLouvain and the Doctoral Commission in Economics and Management Sciences announce that Mr Christophe Desagre will publicly support his dissertation, for the title of Doctor in Economics and Management Sciences of UCLouvain.

Title: "Essays on technological innovation in finance"

"Innovations in financial markets have been numerous lately. Within two decades, most of the trading activity has been done electronically and trading rooms have become deserted as computers have been able to make autonomous trading decisions more rapidly than in the past; information is now spreading at the speed of light; and a plethora of electronic currencies, whose reliability is based on cryptographic proofs rather than trust, have been issued. There is no shortage of examples, from market finance to corporate finance. Every field is affected by the digitalization phenomenon: online investing and online financial advice, digital currencies and paperless payments, crowdfunding, or high-frequency trading, among others. In this thesis, we provide three empirical analyses of how some of these innovations affect financial markets."

Wednesday 01.07.20, 11:00 online due to safety measures related to the coronavirus crisis
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Publié le 16 juin 2020