Doctoral program in economics and management sciences

LSM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Admission Criteria & Doctoral Regulations at UCL 

Admission criteria are defined in the UCL Doctoral Regulation (for all the students who register for the first time after 14/09/2014).

For the students who registered (even for the pre-admission) before 14/09/2014, the UCL Doctoral Regulation “Transitoire”  is implemented.

It is not more possible to introduce a demand (pre-admission, admission, confirmation , jury approval, …) to the Doctoral Committee in Management Sciences for 2016-2017.

In 2017-2018, the next deadlines for sending your demands to the Doctoral Committee are :

       • 04/09/2017
       • 17/11/2017
       • 23/02/2018
       • 23/04/2018

The demands to the doctoral committee for management sciences must be sent to Sandrine Delhaye, the LSM doctoral administrative coordinator. The demands sent after the deadlines announced above will be examined at the next meeting. For any demand to the LSM Doctoral Committee, please only use the official forms and send all your documents in a single PDF file. 

Admission (and pre-admission) demands can be sent at any moment of the year at the deadlines announced, to Sandrine Delhaye.

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These documents and forms are available here:

Registration at UCL :

Once the Doctoral Committee in Management has confirmed the (pre-)admission, the new PhD researcher is invited to register as a student at UCL. Please visit this webpage for further information: