Testez votre potentiel innovant


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The Navigating Innovation App is a simple tool allowing you, your colleagues and your teams to:

Assess, review and discuss the innovation management capabilities of your organization, through a short 24-question survey based on best practices and the latest  research in innovation management.

Discover the five key challenges and the underlying core issues all innovation managers must be able to cope with if they want to boost the innovativeness of their organization and turn it into a sustainable source of competitive advantage

Get access to premium multimedia content regarding innovation, based on more than 20 years of professional and academic experience

The App includes a freely accessible section (you can “Skip” the login screen). To access the premium content you need first to create a private account with a login and a password. You can then purchase the full App or use a voucher code. Note that once you have upgraded to the premium content, it will be accessible on all your devices.

If you complete the App Survey in the context of a corporate workshop, please do not forget to mention your company name when creating your account.

How to download the App

on IOS 

on Android

or simply search for « Navigating Innovation» in your store


How to use a voucher

On iOS:

  • Open the “Apps” page in the AppStore
  • Scroll to the bottom and use the redeem option (“Utiliser un code”)
  • Fill the 12 character code you received from us (those codes are generated by Apple)
  • You can now open the App and have full access

On Android

  • Open the App
  • When prompted to upgrade, simply use the voucher code you received