The Novel and the Multispecies Soundscape (2020)


01 avril 2022

13h - 14h30


Collège Erasme C309

Ben nous fera découvrir son dernier livre :

“The contemporary novel is not as silent as we tend to believe, nor does it only attend to human plots and characters. As this book shows, writers in a range of genres have devoted considerable attention to the voices of nonhuman animals, and to the histories and technologies of listening that shape twenty-first-century cultures and environments. In doing so, these multispecies stories illuminate the cultural meanings we attach to creatures like dogs, frogs, whales, chimpanzees, and Tasmanian tigers - not to mention various bird species and even plants. These novels by authors including Amitav Ghosh, Julia Leigh, Richard Powers, Karen Joy Fowler, Cormac McCarthy, and Han Kang also enrich pressing social debates about species extinction, sound pollution, nonhuman communication, and human-animal relations. As we are violently reshaping the planet, they invite us to rethink our own humanity and animality - and to recalibrate how we tell stories about interspecies contact zones and their complex soundscapes.”

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