When the M meets the P - Online edition 2020


En raison des restrictions covid, l'événement "When the M meets the P", entendez "Quand les mathématiciens rencontre les physiciens" se fera à distance cette année.  Il aura lieu les 20 et 21 janvier  avec, pour chaque jour, une longue présentation à 11h suivi de 3 courtes présentations de sujets de recherche à 12h.


Les 2 Conferences

  • 20 janvier à 11h   -   "Kowalevski top: the story of a hidden symmetry" - Luc HAINE

In 1889, Sophie Kowalevski discovered a new case of integrability of the top, besides the well known cases of Euler and Lagrange. The first part of the talk will survey her 1889 groundbreaking Acta Mathematica paper. Besides being an outstanding mathematician, Sophie Kowalevski is one of the most romantic personality in the history of mathematics. A century later, the hidden symmetry behind Kowalevski's top was linked with Kac-Moody Lie algebras and algebraic curve theory.


  • 21 janvier à 11h  -   "Diversity and Inclusion in Astronomy: Unpacking a Pandora's Box" - Tana JOSEPH

Diversity and inclusion initiatives in astronomy have been carried out for many years. From public engagement to unconscious bias training and awarding institutions for their work to create diversity in the workplace, we have carried out many and varied activities and programmes to encourage a more diverse and inclusive workplace and culture.
However, many of these interventions are merely box-ticking exercises or feel-good activities that are highly visible, but have no lasting impact. Many have no evidence to support their effectiveness or they are focused too narrowly on particular groups.
By some measures, it will take decades to change the underrepresentation of marginalised groups, using the current paradigm of diversity and inclusion initiatives. Clearly, what we have been doing is not working.
In order to enact meaningful change, we must be willing to have open, honest meaningful conversations about the problems in astronomy in terms of diversity and inclusion.
We require evidence-based initiatives that will drive real change in the workforce, culture and institutions that make up astronomy.

Plus d'infos et inscriptions : https://agenda.irmp.ucl.ac.be/event/4157/

Organisateurs: Céline Degrande et Pierre Bieliavsky

Publié le 11 janvier 2021