Integration Weekend


The programme will start with an integration weekend at the beginning of the academic year (September).

During that special weekend, our Masters’ students will be confronted to professionals and academics engaged in EU affairs coming from various backgrounds to discuss current affairs and share their knowledge on major European issues. The aim is to outline the complexity of the EU decision-making process, the variety of stakeholders as well as the interactions between the various interest groups and EU institutions. This should provide students with the capacity to apprehend the concrete aspects of EU affairs and to introduce them to the topics that will be analyzed throughout the year.
To get to know better your fellow students and some of the teaching staff, the week-end will also include team-building recreational activities such as a picnic, an orienteering trekking, a treasure hunt and the Masters’ opening dinner.

The programme itself includes as much interactive content as possible: visits, cases, team-building activities and guest lecturers will be key components throughout the year.