Consulting Project: Co-create with our students to innovate in your business


Discover this innovative and collaborative course for Master 1 in Management and take part of this experience becoming an Ambassador of the Consulting Project.

Help our students to see the reality of business and explore their multiple competences and soft skills. And take advantage of this to develop your own projects and your employer branding.




The “Consulting Project” is

  • the opportunity for you, companies, to create value, push your projects and contribute to build the world of tomorrow (CSR);

  • the opportunity for LSM students to learn project & team management by practicing their problem-solving and soft skills;

  • focused on real cases and therefore provide them a first contact with the real world of managing organizations.



Is your company looking to enter a new market and initiate a new marketing strategy?

Are you looking to implement a more sustainable form of organization? …

Our students at the LSM can help you reach those objectives.

The first 2022 edition of the Consulting project is such a success (we have already collected more than one hundred business cases) that this forces us to close this call for projects early.

If you want to express your interest and be among the first to submit new projects for the next 2023-24 academic year, leave us your contact details and complete already this form.




The concept in a few words

The Consulting Project is a win-win concept that offers opportunities to both students and companies. The course aims at offering LSM students (Master 1 in Management) the opportunity to practice their multiple (hard and soft) skills to real-case projects within an organization (private/public or non merchant, small or large, from all sectors).

It departs from traditional teaching methods and gives LSM students the chance to learn new management skills based on real business cases. At the end of the experience, the students will have gained valuable professional experience and a first contact with the real world of managing organizations.

Such co-creation program also helps create value to companies that will get to work with groups of insightful and analytical students with various backgrounds and interest in management. At the end of the process, the company will receive a consulting report supervised by experienced coaches and benefit from precious, fresh and innovative recommendations on their specific problematic.

This Consulting Project is the opportunity for companies to reach out and position themselves (in terms of visibility) with respect to the future workforce in Belgium (talent acquisition).

The LSM is recognized as a leading actor in Belgium in developing responsible, competent and innovative entrepreneurial and ethic leaders.

The LSM students’ reputation does not need to be done and many companies are eager to hire them in this time of talent war. Do not hesitate to sollicitate them for your specific business cases.

How does it work?

Companies are invited to submit their specific projects (managerial questions) to the LSM. The projects can cover a large range of thematics such as management (strategic or operational organization), finance, HR, marketing, supply chain, digitalization but also sustainability (CSR), innovation and even internationalization…

Between September and December, a team of five or six students will work on the project for a period of three months (representing a manpower of one FET) to provide tailor-made recommendations.

[1] In case of proprietary information, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are foreseen.

Experienced professional and academic coaches to facilitate the process

The whole process is facilitated by academic and professional coaches who will supervise, help and support the students in finding solutions and recommendations to the problem at hand.

The coaches have a strong background in consulting, academia or banking and will serve as the point of contact between the students and the company.

This way, the consulting mission (mainly executed remotely) does not require a real supervision by the company itself, neither does it require the company to host the groups.[1]


What is expected from the company?

The role of the company stands central for the success of the project. However, the time spent in the supervision of the project is limited and is insured by the coach. The company is expected to:

  • Define a specific managerial question (consulting project) to submit to the LSM that fits with the objectives of the course;
Feel free to fill the apply form whether you already have a project. If you do not have a detailed project yet, you can highlight your interest and the field the project will fit in. We will reach out to you later for more specific information and definition of the project.
  • Contact with the coach to precise the project (to be validated) – June/September
  • Support the students with the provision of informations and eventually directions regarding the output of the project;
  • Stand available when the group of students (under the supervision of their coach) requires help or further information and for the presentation of their analysis;
  • Three specific contact moments are foreseen with students :
    • Start of the project (September/October)
    • Week 6 of the consulting mission (Half November)
    • Week 12 for the final presentation and recommendations (December).

  • The company is NOT expected to host the students or to have offices for students. The company’s representative may welcome students to their offices if they can, but it is not required to submit your proposal;

Submit already your project(s) for 2023-24

Let’s co-create to innovate all together!

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