Research Institutes

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

UCL distinguishes at the organizational level between “schools” which deliver programmes at the university and “institutes” which organize research in a specific domain. In reality, the teaching and research spheres constantly interact at LSM, not least because most of the people are the same. Every faculty member and research assistant, in addition to his or her disciplinary department, also belongs to a research institute. Our core faculty constantly link their research and teaching activities.

To enrich course contents, they transform fundamental research into theory, applied research into practice, and service activities into case studies. Thus our master’s courses (especially the specialized tracks) and executive education programmes (particularly those in supply chain and innovation management) directly benefit from R&D activities.

The professors of the Louvain School of Management are members of one of these research institutes:

  • Louvain Research Institute in Management and Organization (LOURIM), is devoted to theoretical and applied, empirical and experimental studies of management of private and public organizations, including but not limited to research on internal and external functional management processes that are present in all enterprises and organizations.

To consult the lists of members (Teaching Assistants or Core Faculty) please follow this link.