Software & Hardware



At UCLouvain, several softwares are available for free (Big 5), or not. All softwares' requests can be done on

If you need help for analyze your data via such softwares, please contact the SMCS for a specific consultance, or join one of their trainings: 


High performance calculus solutions: 

Sometimes, your computer performances are not sufficient to analyze your data, and you need high performance calculus solution. Here are the two different solution provided @ UCLouvain: 

1) SMCS serveurs

2) Temporary data produced via clusters. Together with the CECI (Consortium des Equipements de Calcul Intensif:, we have at our disposal several clusters of calcululs shared by researchers from the 5 universities of FWB. These clusters are sticked to storage space, which are conceive to optimize both reading and writing access. These space are dedicated to data production and are accessible free of charge, yet for a limited period of time (from several hours to weeks, maximum). More information are available here: