Office of the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs (CVRC)

Bruxelles Saint-Gilles, Bruxelles Woluwe, Charleroi, Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons, Namur, Tournai

The Office of the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs provides advisory, analytical, preparatory, brainstorming and logistical input that helps the vice-rector for student affairs perform his duties. It also advises and supports the vice-rector as a member of the Rectoral Council, Academic Council and Administrative Council, and on issues of overall university management.

More specifically, regarding social and student affairs, the vice-rector’s staff:

  • propose guidelines for student social policy and maintain dialogue and working relations with managers of the Student Life Department;
  • help develop study programmes in collaboration with the faculties and the Teaching and Training Department;
  • participate on the boards of directors of the non-profit University Restaurant Service, the health non-profit Univers Santé, the Walloon Federation of UCL Regional Student Societies, the P’tit Matelot child day-care centre, etc.;
  • facilitate the vice-rector’s contacts with university parishes and implement new initiatives.

Regarding institutional relations with students, the vice-rector’s staff:

  • manages the secretariat of the Social and Student Affairs Council chaired by the vice-rector, as well as several work groups and committees;
  • follows up decisions;
  • facilitates first contacts with students and advises the vice-rector on cases submitted by student associations, such as the Student General Assembly (AGL), clubs, project-themed housing (‘kots à projet’), student societies, International Student Council (CGEE);
  • coordinates training for first-year bachelor representatives;
  • manages subsidies provided to the university for student initiatives;
  • organises training for student activity leaders;
  • provides supervision for major student activities (24hours of Cycling, initiations, dances, etc.);
  • ensures student clubs and societies respect the ‘Aune Charter’ (University Student Activity Charter).

Regarding academic issues, the vice-rector’s staff:

  • examines and submits individual cases to the vice-rector (appeals, tuition fee exemptions);
  • suggests to the vice-rector regulatory or procedural changes to better address individual situations;
  • updates the glossary of regulatory and administrative procedures concerning students;
  • ensures clear communication and comprehension, in collaboration with relevant departments (Teaching and Training Department and Strategic Analysis Department), of academic regulations and procedures to all relevant parties (in faculties and central administration).

Regarding welcome and informational events, the vice-rector’s staff organises:

  • student welcome events hosted by university authorities;
  • informational events for final-year secondary school students and open courses during All Saints’ Day and Carnival holidays in partnership with faculties;
  • ‘master’s degree evening information session’ for all those interested in UCL master’s courses.

In its relations with the secondary education system, the vice-rector’s staff:

  • creates and disseminates various documents to secondary school students (such as final-year secondary school student calendars, bookmarks and posters);
  • disseminates ‘Etudier et vivre’ (‘Study and live’) brochure and information requested via website for final-year secondary school students;
  • supports the operation of the Secondary School Council;
  • takes action as directed by the university authorities to expand access to higher education.

Finally, the staff represents the vice-rector vis-à-vis the university.