How to apply

How to apply for the 2021-2022 Joint Degree Master programme

When applying for a Joint Degree Master programme and after you have been nominated, 

1-You need to fill in and send back the 2021-2021 admission form before April 15, 2021.

If no learning agreement template is available at your home institution, please use the UCL ECTS Learning Agreement  template.

For T.I.M.E. Double degree programmes, please use the T.I.M.E. Learning Agreement, which will allow you to establish your study programme over the two academic years.

2- Once you receive confirmation from Louvain school of Engineering that your application is accepted, you will  need to apply as a regular student at UCL, in order to get the UCL diploma, upon successful completion of both academic years here and in your local institution. Of course, your application will be processed more quickly with the UCL central registration office since you will have been already accepted in our school from an academic point of view.