Pedagogical applications


Among the many pedagogical applications of its corpus-based studies, the CECL is particularly interested in the creation and improvement of pedagogical tools (dictionaries, textbooks, CALL software, web-based tools), the development of new methods of language proficiency assessment, and the continuing education of secondary school language teachers. 

The significant contribution of the CECL to the second edition of the Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners illustrates how learner corpus research can contribute to the domain of pedagogical lexicography. The TeMa corpus aims to bring about similar improvements in textbooks, particularly with respect to vocabulary and phraseology. In addition, the CECL is keen to promote the integration of different learning components (including native and learner corpora, as well as NLP tools) into electronic learning tools.

As regards language proficiency assessment, the research pursued at the CECL examines how the analysis of error-tagged learner corpora can help improve the descriptors found in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Finally, the CECL is actively involved in the continuing education of secondary school English teachers, who are shown how to use corpus tools and new technologies to enrich their teaching.