Pierre Sonveaux, PI

Principal Investigator, Professor of Pharmacology, F.R.S.-FNRS Senior Research Associate


University of Louvain (UCLouvain) Medical School, Brussels, Belgium
B.S. - 06/98 - Pharmaceutical Sciences

University of Louvain (UCLouvain) Medical School, Brussels, Belgium
Master - 09/00 - Pharmaceutical Sciences

University of Louvain (UCLouvain) Medical School, Brussels, Belgium
Ph.D. - 01/04 - Pharmaceutical Sciences
(vascular oncology)

Duke University, Durham, NC
Postdoctoral - 07/05 - Radiation Oncology – Tumor biology

University of Louvain (UCLouvain) Medical School, Brussels, Belgium
Postdoctoral - 09/08 - Tumor metabolism



Director of the team Tumor Metabolism (TUMETABO)


1. Sonveaux P, Dessy C, Feron O. Use of endothelin-1 antagonists for improving cancer therapy. Priority date: 15 May 2003. Filling number: 60/470,679. Publication number: WO2004100991A

2. Li CY, Li F, Sonveaux P, Dewhirst MW. Inhibition of HIF-1 activation for anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory responses. Priority date: 30 March 2006. Filling number: 60/787,373. Publication number: US 2007/0297984 A1.

3. Dewhirst MW, Sonveaux P, Feron O, Schroeder T, Wahl ML. Use of agents that inhibit cancer growth by simultaneously targeting tumor cell metabolism and angiogenesis. Priority date: 05 February 2007. Filling number: US provisional patent application n°2796.

4. Dewhirst MW, Stamler JS, McMahon TJ, Sonveaux P. Use of an agent that restores tissue perfusion and oxygenation. US 7,338,670 B2. Priority date: 14 April 2005. Filling number: 60/671,179. Granted date: 04 March 2008. Publication numbers: US 7,338,670 B2, US 7,790,204 B2, WO2006113540.

5. Draoui N, Feron O, Riant O, Sonveaux P, Schicke O, Fernandes A, Kilonda A, Vanherck JC, Marchand A. 3-carboxy substituted coumarin derivatives with a potential utility for the treatment of cancer diseases. Filed July 2013. Filling number: PCT/EP2014/061921. Publication number: WO2014195507A1.

6. Sonveaux P, Payen VL, Vazeille T, Porporato P, Niebes P. Composition antimétastatique comprenant au moins un compose de type flavonol. [Antimetastatic composition comprising at least a flavonol-related compound]. Priority date: 10 November 2014. Filing number: Filling number: PCT/EP2015/076248. BE100000468. US 5,523,983.

7. Sonveaux P, Labar D, Van Hée V, Dehon G, Frédérick R. [18F]-labelled lactate derivative as PET radiotracer. Priority date: 09 September 2016. Filling numbers: EP 16188093.5, PCT/EP2017/072582. Publication numbers: EP3293167, WO/2018/046662.


Honors and Awards

2002 Servier Young Investigator Award, International Union of Pharmacology (IUPHAR)

2003 EDRO fellowship, European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO)

2004-2005 Fellowship, Belgian American Educational Foundation (BAEF)

2005 National Prize, Belgian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences

2007 ESTRO-VARIAN-Juliana Denekamp Award

2008 Federation of European Cancer Societies - European Journal of Cancer (FECS-EJC) Award

2008 Henri Fauconnier Prize, Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium

2009-2014 European Research Council (ERC) Independent Researcher Starting Grantee

2010 Ferdinand Depelchin Prize 2007-2010, UCLouvain Faculty of Medicine

2010 Burgen Scholarship, Academia Europaea

2010 Highly Commended Award, European Association for Cancer Research (EACR)

2010 Galien Prize in Pharmacology, Brussels, Belgium.

2010 1st Henryk S. Taper Lecture as pursuing dynamic creativity in Cancer Biology and Medicine, UK

2011 Special EACR Lecture Award

2012 Triple 1st academic communication prize ex-aequo, Biowin

2012 Clément Perdieus and Cécile Petit Prize 2009-2012, UCLouvain Faculty of Medicine

2013 Cornélis-Lebègue Prize, Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium

2013 Albert-Pierre – Jean Dustin Prize, Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium

2013 Jean-Oscar Maes Award, UCLouvain Health Sciences Sector

2014 Officier du Mérite Wallon [Officer of the Walloon Merit]

2016 Award of the AstraZeneca Foundation - Oncology


Mr Pierre Sonveaux

Directeur de recherche FNRS
Professeur extraordinaire

SSS/FASB  --  Faculty of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences (FASB)

SSS/IREC  --  Institut de recherche expérimentale et clinique (IREC)

SSS/IREC/FATH  --  Pôle de Pharmacologie et thérapeutique (FATH)

Avenue Hippocrate 57/B1.57.04
1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert