Research themes of the MORF pole aim at highlighting tissue, cellular and molecular interactions in the following models :

1- Thyroid metabolism 

a. Follicular angiogenesis of the thyroid 
b. Oxidative stress in the thyroid 
c. Thyroid ophthalmopathy 

2- Skeletal diseases 

a. Osseointegration of dental implants 
b. Osteogenesis imperfecta 

3- Anatomy and tissue engineering

Basic and translational research in human anatomy anatomy and composite tissue allotransplantation 

a. Study and three-dimensional modeling of living structures; macro- and microscopic continuity. 
b. Anatomical and surgical deepening in facial and composite tissue transplantation. 
c. Robotic and digital assistance in Plastic Surgery 
d. Development of new tissue engineering processes applied to reconstructive surgery.