Mission - Commitment


The Research Institute in Mathematics and Physics (IRMP) of UCLouvain develops frontier research in Fundamental Physics and Pure Mathematics. The main purpose of this research is increasing and preserving knowledge in the most fundamental domains of Science.

History has proven that knowledge in Mathematics and Physics is, typically in the long or very long term, also at the basis of countless, if not all, technological developments that have benefited humanity as a whole. Moreover scientists doing research in some of these foundational disciplines are often brought to develop cutting-edge technologies, which are often immediately reused in every-day life applications.

Knowledge cannot advance nor be preserved without new generations of scientists. Every year the IRMP forms about 10 new doctors in Mathematics and Physics, while about 20 new postdoctoral researchers from all over the world come to the institute to participate in research projects. Many of these young scientists continue their career in research and education obtaining prestigious positions.


The Research Institute in Mathematics and Physics (IRMP) of UCLouvain aims to achieve excellence in its activities through integrity, transparency, professionalism, equity, and diversity.

In particular, the IRMP institute condemns all forms of racism and discrimination. It acknowledges that these phenomena are present everywhere in the world and strives to address and prevent them within the institute itself.