The Research Institute in Mathematics and Physics (IRMP) of UCLouvain includes a number of entities.

The coordination of the institute activities is the responsibility of the IRMP president, who also represents the institute inside and outside the university. The IRMP president chairs the IRMP council and reports to it.

The IRMP council is composed of the permanent members of the scientific personnel and representatives of the technical and administrative personnel. The IRMP council sets the broad guidelines for the institute's research policy.

The daily management of the institute is performed by the IRMP board, which is chaired by the IRMP president.

The IRMP has an external scientific advisory board that can provide advice to the IRMP council on demand.

President IRMP : prof. Marino GRAN

IRMP board:

  • Mrs C. BRICHARD (administrative and technical staff representative)
  • prof. T. CLAEYS
  • prof. C. DEGRANDE
  • prof. Ch. DELAERE
  • Mme M. FURNEMONT (IRMP secretary)
  • prof. M. GRAN (président)
  • Mr. Léo SCHELSTRAETE (scientific staff representative)
  • prof. P. VAZ

IRMP council:

   - All permanent academic and scientific institute members,

   - 4 representatives of the "CORSI" scientific members:

  • Julien TOUCHEQUE
  • Nicolas LURKIN
  • Aline MICHEL
  • Daniel ZIMMER
  • Léo SCHELSTRAETE (permanent guest as member of the IRMP board)

   - 4 representatives of the "CORTA" administrative and technical members :

  • Cathy BRICHARD
  • Carinne MERTENS
  • Nancy POSTIAU
  •  Laurent STANDAERT

- The institute administrative secretary (with consultative voice) :

  • Martine FURNEMONT

IRMP scientific advisory board