Members of the institute


BIELIAVSKY Pierre Differential geometry and mathematical physics GPP
BRUNO Giacomo Experimental high-energy physics  CP3
CAPRACE Pierre-Emmanuel Group theory MATH
CLAEYS Tom Integrables systems, randoms matrices GPP
CORTINA GIL Eduardo Experimental high-energy physics  CP3
DELAERE Christophe Experimental high-energy physics  CP3
DELBAR Thierry Nuclear physics CP3
DREWES Marco Particle physics and cosmology CP3
DUHR Claude Phenomenology of fundamental interactions CP3
GERARD Jean-Marc Phenomenology of fundamental interactions and cosmology  CP3
GIAMMANCO Andrea Experimental high-energy physics  CP3
GOVAERTS Jan Theories of fundamental interactions CP3
GRAN Marino Categorical algebra MATH
HAGENDORF Christian Statistical physics and mathematical physics GPP
HAINE Luc Solitons theory MATH
HAUCHART Christiane Mathematical methodology MATH
LAMBRECHTS Pascal Algebraic topology MATH
LEMAITRE Vincent Experimental high-energy physics  CP3
MALTONI Fabio Phenomenology of fundamental interactions CP3
PIOTRZKOWSKI Krzysztof Experimental high-energy physics  CP3
PONCE Augusto Nonlinear analysis, partial differential equations MATH
RINGEVAL Christophe Cosmology and general relativity CP3
RUELLE Philippe Statistical Theory of Fields, Conformal Symmetry GPP
VAN DER LINDEN Tim Categorical algebra MATH
VAN SCHAFTINGEN Jean Variational methods MATH
VAZ Pedro Algebraic topology MATH
VITALE Enrico Categorical algebra MATH
WILLEM Michel Variational methods MATH


ANTOINE Jean-Pierre Mathematical Methods in Quantum Physics and Signal Processing
BRICMONT Jean Statistical physics and mathematical physics
DE GRAVE Patricia History of mathematics and physics
FELIX Yves Algebraic topology
VAN MOERBEKE Pierre  Differential geometry and mathematical physics
MAWHIN Jean Variational methods

Administrative and technical staff

BARAS Carine Research secretary
BRICHARD Cathy Research secretary GPP/M. de Hemptinne Building manager
DELFORGE Jean-Marc Technician CRC
FELIX Corentin Technician CRC
FURNEMONT Martine Institute secretary/Accounting manager IRMP/MATH
HANNOY Elodie Librarian
JONCKMAN Michael Technician CRC
LANDRAIN Stéphanie Accounting manager IRMP/CP3
MERTENS Carinne Research secretary CP3
PAGE Jean-Pierre Technician CRC
THIELENS Christine Accounting manager IRMP/CP3 and CRC

Scientific staff

de FAVEREAU Jérôme Research logistician
DEMIN Pavel Computer scientist
MATTELAER Olivier Research logistician
TANASIJCZUK André Jorge Research logistician

Phd Students




Scientific collaborators

CRC staff