Informations for newcomers

To know :

The following abbreviations are used to designate the research entities of the institute:

CP3 : Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology
CRC : Cycotron Resource Centre
CURL : Cosmology, Universe et Relativity
GPP : Geometry, Physics and Probability
MATH : Pure Mathematics


Needs administrative or logistical help (access to the building, office supplies, travel reservation, etc.)

  • 4 local/research secretaries are at your disposal:

             Carine Baras for CRC (Mo,Tu) and for MATH (We,Th,Fr)
             Cathy Brichard for GPP and MATH
             Elodie Hannoy for MATH (Tu, Th, Fr)
             Carinne Mertens for CP3

  • 1 institute secretary

Martine Furnémont (Administration of the institute, assistance to the President)


Needs help with accounting (info about your operating budgets or grants, purchases, expense reports, ...):

  • 3 Logistics and Accounting Units (CLC) are at your disposal:

Martine Furnémont for MATH and GPP
Stéphanie Landrain for CP3
Christine Thielens for CP3 and CRC

Please note, never purchase IT equipment without going through the IT department (Order form needed - P. Maes SISE)


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