Informations for newcomers

To know :

The following abbreviations are used to designate the research entities of the institute:

CP3 : Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology
CRC : Cycotron Resource Centre
CURL : Cosmology, Universe et Relativity
GPP : Geometry, Physics and Probability
MATH : Pure Mathematics


Needs administrative or logistical help (access to the building, office supplies, travel reservation, etc.)

  • 3 local/research secretaries are at your disposal:           

             Cathy Brichard for GPP and MATH
             Elodie Hannoy for MATH and CRC (Tu, Th, Fr)
             Carinne Mertens for CP3

  • 1 institute secretary

Martine Furnémont (Administration of the institute, assistance to the President)


Needs help with accounting (info about your operating budgets or grants, purchases, expense reports, ...):

  • 2 Logistics and Accounting Units (CLC) are at your disposal:

Martine Furnémont for MATH and GPP
Stéphanie Landrain for CP3

Please note, never purchase IT equipment without going through the IT department (Order form needed - P. Maes SISE)


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