Brown Bag Seminar: Bart Capéau and Zoé Rongé

April 03, 2019



CORE, room C035

"(Almost) all you wanted to know about individual well-being in Belgium: it's in the MEqin-data."

Bart Capéau and Zoé Rongé, KULeuven

Almost 9% of the people who are worst off in terms of housing, health and consumption report to be more satisfied with their life than more than 70% of those who belong to the group who are best off on those three domains. Almost three quarter of wives obtain less than half of the total value of private consumption and leisure in couples. These are only two examples out of many statistics that can be drawn from the MEqIn dataset. These data were collected by a team of researchers from UCL, KU Leuven, UA, and ULB as a part of the BELSPO-BRAIN project Measuring Equivalent Incomes. By combining modules on different objective dimensions of well-being (health, job and housing characteristics, consumption, time use), assessments of subjective well-being  and preferences, with a strictly individual approach, these data allow to shed an empirical light on hot topics in the fields of household economics, well-being measurement, health  economics, inequality, poverty, social welfare, and … more if you want, because they are freely available for research purposes. The purpose of the talk is to give a road map of the data and a short guide on how to use them.

Please fill the doodle by Tuesday April 2nd at noon if you plan to attend and mention whether you would like a sandwich:

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