Brown Bag Seminar: Fabrizio Ciotti

March 20, 2019

12:50 p.m.


CORE, room C035

Online news provision and strategic sponsorship

Fabrizio Ciotti, UCLouvain CORE

Access to information has been eased by the Internet. News is mainly channeled through online aggregators and social networks. Nevertheless, its perceived quality has lowered, leading to rising concerns over the role of news aggregators. This article studies the trade-off experienced by a platform when it sponsors inaccurate news. While the platform profits from sponsorship, it can incur a reputational damage. We find that market competition and exclusive sponsorship can spur more accurate information from the sponsored news provider. Overall, this increases the average news accuracy in the economy.

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Fabrizio Ciotti (CORE) will present his work entitled: Online news provision and strategic sponsorship

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