Operations Research Seminar: Eric Delmelle

October 26, 2018

04:30 p.m.

CORE, room b-135

Joint OR & GEOG seminar

Controlling Excess Travel and Assignment Switches in School Location

Eric Delmelle, UNC Charlotte

Rapid growth in urban peripheries combined with the desire of individuals wishing to live back into the city poses serious long-term planning challenges for public facilities. In those situations, modifying an existing network of public facilities is necessary to meet anticipated changes in the level of demand.

We present a bi-weighted location model that minimizes excess travel and reduces changes in school assignments over a limited time horizon.

We illustrate the behavior of our model for different weighting schemes and test its robustness under varying levels of spatial granularities. Finally, we present an application to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School located in the fastest growing county of North Carolina, U.S.A.
(with I. Thomas, D. Peeters & J.-C. Thill)


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