Doctoral dissertations "in progress"

BAILLY Gabriel : "Statistical curve estimation and inference for non-standard data structures"
Promotor: R. von Sachs

BARTOLOMEO Aurèle : "Establishing a better access to life and health insurance covers for risks that are either non-standard or currently perceived as non-standard"
Promotor: C. Legrand et M. Denuit

BELHOUARI Oussama : "Hybrid stochastic valuation of life insurance contracts under financial and actuarial risks"
Promotor: Pierre Devolder

BOONE Luc : To be confirmed
Promotor: To be confirmed

BRUNET Hugo : To be confirmed
Promotor: To be confirmed

DEKETELAERE Benjamin : "Quantile Regression for censored data"
Promotor: A. El Ghouch et I. Van Keilegom

DELHELLE Morine : "Dependent censoring in cure models"
Promotor: I. Van Keilegom

DIAKITE Keivan : "Mélange optimal entre répartition et capitalisation dans le financement des pensions publiques"
Promotor: Pierre Devolder

DOMS Hortense : "Joint Models for Time-to-Event and Categorical Longitudinal Outcomes"
C. Legrand et Ph. Lambert

DUPRET Jean-Loup : "Processus de Lévy fractionnaires en finance"
D. Hainaut

FOULON Mathilde : "Modeling long-term survivors via a mixture of bimodal error distributions."
Promotor: C. Legrand et A. El Ghouch

HANNA Vanessa : "Financement des pensions complémentaires sous des taux d'intérêt bas"
Promotor: Pierre Devolder

HOOGSTOEL Fanny : "Estimation of the relative Survival of patients suffering from pathologies: analysis, comparison and development of techniques for application to access to insurance products with a real or perceived aggravated risk"
Promotor: Catherine Legrand et Michel Denuit

JAMOTTON Charlotte : "Clustering methods for high-dimensional multi-type insurance data"
Promotor: D. Hainaut

LEONARD Lise : "High-dimensional desparsified model averaging"
Promotor: Eugen Pircalabelu and Rainer von Sachs

LHAUT Stéphane : "Sampling theory for the empirical angular Wasserstein distance: learning from multivariate extremes"
Promotor: Johan Segers

LI Mengxue : "Modeling and analysis of time-varying brain functionnal networks (with a particular emphasis on degree-corrected stochastic block models)"
Promotor: R. von Sachs, Eugen Pircalabelu

MOTTE Edouard : "Quantile hedging of life and non-life actuarial liabilities subject to inflation risk"
Promotor: D. Hainaut

MOURAHIB Anas : "Sparse multivariate generalized Pareto distributions"
Promotor: Johan Segers and Anna Kiriliouk

NEZAKATI Ensiyeh Rezazadeh : "Graph informed sufficient dimension reduction"
Promotor: E. Pircalabelu

SOETEWEY Antoine : "Life and health actuarial pricing: a biostatistics approach"
Promotor: Michel Denuit et Catherine Legrand    

TAVERNE Cédric : "Evaluation of some reinforcements of the stated preference methods using the potential of computer based questionnaires"
Promotor: Bernadette Govaerts, Philippe Lambert

THIEL Michel : "Development of modern chemometrics methods for spectroscopy monitoring of active pharmaceutical ingredients in chemical reactions"
Promotor: Bernadette Govaerts

VAST Madeline :
Promotor: L. Symul

WAUTIER Lara : "Dynamic graphical models for high dimensional financial data"
Promotor: E. Pircalabelu et Ch. Hafner

Zhuman Aigerim : "Control variates for simultaneous Monte Carlo integration"
Promotor: Johan Segers