YRD : Young Researchers Day | September 20, 2019

Programme YRD 20/09/2019 09h15 : Hélène Morsomme "Public pension schemes – intergenerational risk sharing" 09h45 : Kassu Mehari Beyene "Smoothed Time-dependent ROC Curve for...
14:30 / Statistics Seminars

Michel Mouchart, ISBA - UCLouvain

Statistics Seminar Michel Mouchart, ISBA-UCLouvain and Guillaume Wunsch, DEMO-UCLouvain "Pharmacological and residual effects in randomized placebo-controlled trials. A structural causal...
16:00 / Applied statistics workshops

Christian Ritter, SMCS

Applied statistics workshop Christian Ritter, SMCS, UCL & Ritter & Danielson Consulting "See and Show: Statistical graphics and tabulation to discover and communicate"  ...