Publications CMAP (Section politique et administrative)

Publications récentes

Journal Articles

1. Jacquet, Vincent. The Role and the Future of Deliberative Mini-publics: A Citizen Perspective. In: Political Studies, Vol. 37, no. 3, p. 639-657 (2019). doi:10.1177/0032321718794358.

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5. Alomar, Mohamed Amin; de Visscher, Christian. E-public procurement: Which factors determine its acceptance by small- to medium-sized enterprises and large companies in Belgium?. In: International Review of Administrative Sciences : an international journal of comparative public administration, Vol. 85, no.2, p. 356-376 (2019). doi:10.1177/0020852317703466.

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9. Heyvaert, Pauline; Randour, Francois; Dodeigne, Jérémy; Perrez, Julien; Reuchamps, Min. Metaphors in Political Communication: a case study of the use of deliberate Metaphors in Non-Institutional Political Interviews. In: Journal of Language and Politics, (2019). doi:10.1075/jlp.17057.hey.

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11. Reuchamps, Min; Baudewyns, Pierre; Dandoy, Régis; Gallina, Marta; Niessen, Christoph. From a green high tide to government participation: the successes of ECOLO and GROEN in the 2019 Belgian elections. In: Environmental Politics, Vol. -, no.-, p. - (2019). doi:10.1080/09644016.2019.1686207.

Conference Papers

1. Squevin, Pierre Louis Daniel; Aubin, David. Learning in policy formulation: Ministerial advisers’ information utilisation and instrumental learning in Francophone Belgium.

2. Frehen, Lise. The Use of Information in Policymaking: the Case of the European Commission.

3. de Visscher, Christian. Processus délibératif et reconnexion du citoyen dans la fabrication des politiques publiques.

4. Defacqz, Samuel. The Legitimation of European Interest Groups: How National Interest Groups Perceive Their EU Umbrellas?.

5. Defacqz, Samuel; Dupuy, Claire. Collaborative Governance under the Shadow of Hierarchy: The Introduction of an ICT-tool in the French Napoleonic Administration.

6. Defacqz, Samuel; Dupuy, Claire. Usages of an e-participation platform by French legislators: the resilience of representative democracy?.

7. Defacqz, Samuel; Dupuy, Claire. Policy design through an e-participation platform? Parlement & Citoyens in France.

8. Jacquet, Vincent; Niessen, Christoph; Reuchamps, Min. Should Sortition Be Introduced in Parliament? A first empirical analysis of what citizens and parliamentarians think.

9. Reuchamps, Min. Towards permanent deliberative democracy in Belgium: From the G1000 to the Ostbelgien Model.

10. Reuchamps, Min. Designing permanent deliberative democracy: The Ostbelgien Modell in Belgium.

11. Jacquet, Vincent; Devillers, Sophie; Reuchamps, Min. Les listes citoyennes en Wallonie.

12. Biard, Benjamin; Bottin, Jehan; Cogels, Maximilien; Sabbe, Mathias. Ecologists and democracy in Belgium: a manifestoes’ analysis.

13. Verhaegen, Soetkin; Dupuy, Claire; Van Ingelgom, Virginie. Attitudes about regionalization in federal Belgium The role of direct and indirect policy feedback effects across cohorts.

14. Verhaegen, Soetkin; Dupuy, Claire; Van Ingelgom, Virginie. Attitudes about Regionalisation in Federal Belgium: The Role of Direct and Indirect Policy Feedback Effects.

15. Dupuy, Claire; Bussi, Margherita. Unmaking Demand for Social Policy: Beneficiaries and Long-Term Policy Dynamics.

16. Le Gall, Cal; Bussi, Margherita. Does welfare conditionality programmes alter democratic engagement?.

17. Dupuy, Claire; Bussi, Margherita. Unmaking Demand for Social Policy: Beneficiaries and Long-Term Policy Dynamics.

18. Frehen, Lise; Caby, Vincent. Stakeholders' Opinions, Scientific Evidence of EU Law? Repertoires of Legitimation of the European Commission under the Juncker Commission.

19. De Winter, Lieven; Dodeigne, Jérémy; Reuchamps, Min; Sinardet, Dave; Thijssen, Peter. Voting behavior, identity, autonomy, solidarity and interregional contact.

20. Moyson, Stéphane. Policy learning and policy framing.

Book Chapters

1. Bussi, Margherita; Mi Ah Schoyen; Bjorn Hvinden. Has the European Social Fund been effective in supporting young people?. In: Youth Unemployment and Job Insecurity in Europe: Problems, Risk Factors and Policies , Edward Elgar, 2019. doi:10.4337/9781788118897.

2. Sara Ayllon; Bussi, Margherita; Jacqueline O'Reilly; Mi Ah Schoyen; Ann McDonnell; Ida Tolgensbakk. Drug use and early job insecurity. In: Negotiating early job insecurity well-being, scarring and resilience of European youth , Edward Elgar, 2019. doi:10.4337/9781788118798.

3. Bussi, Margherita; Anne McDonnell; Mi Ah Schoyen; Jannike Solstad Vedeler; Jacqueline O'Reilly. Social resilience in facing precarity: Young people ‘rising to the occasion. In: Negotiating early job insecurity well-being, scarring and resilience of European youth , Edward Elgar, 2019. 9781788118781. doi:10.4337/9781788118798.

4. Vandamme, Pierre-Etienne; Jacquet, Vincent; Niessen, Christoph; Pitseys, John; Reuchamps, Min. Intercameral Relations in a Bicameral Elected and Sortition Legislature. In: A Legislature by Lot (The Real Utopias Project; xxx), Verso: New York, 2019, 123-144. 9781788736084.

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