Louvain4Water Seminar - The language of Water

18 mars 2019

14:00 - 17:00


Bibliothèque des Sciences et Technologies

Monday 18 March 2019

14:00 - 17:00

Bibliothèque des sciences et technologies

The objective of the Louvain4Water Seminars is to strengthen the network of researchers and other actors working in the water domain at UCLouvain and identify common actions in this domain.

For this meeting, we are pleased to receive Prof. Chiara Cavalieri (SST/LOCI) who recently joined UCLouvain as Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Engineering and Urban Planning (LOCI). Prof. Chiara Cavalieri will give a keynote speech on the language of water.

In addition to this, the Louvain4Water Seminar will offer its members the opportunity to pitch their research works on topics related to water (app. 3 minutes per presentation). Please do not hesitate to contact us through the registration form below if you wish to present your work. The presentation can equally be in French or English.

Keynote by Prof. Chiara Cavalieri (UCLouvain/LOCI) The Language of Water

According to the World Resource Institute, by 2040 waterstress in Belgium will be “extremely high”, when compared to global geographies. Moreover, in Flanders one out of 6 job is related to the subject of water (Vlakwa 2017). If we contextualize these figures within the most recent forecasting of climate change (IPCC 2018), suddenly unfolding water complexity becomes not only a fundamental but also a priority subject. Mapping water is neither a linear nor a generic operation: it requires a close and systemic reading throughout the different spatial, as well as socio-economical and cultural dimensions of water. Water has to be unfolded in its full complexity, not only as a technical matter.

The “Language of Water” is an ongoing project that frames the challenge of visualizing water(s) via a threefold set of mapping operations that, in their process of making, aims to continuously inform each other: the deconstruction of whole water system(s) into a unique catalogue of water elements; the reconstruction of the same elements into synthetic spatial representations of water systems and flows, where quantities and qualities are visualized at once in a synchronic view; the identification of a set of potential territorial water sequences.


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