Entry Requirements

  • Entry requirements combine criteria such as degree courses, student motivation and language knowledge 
  • Aimed at Master students of LOUVAIN SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING, with a priority for students in Masters such as :
    o Master in Chemical and Materials Engineering,
    o Master in Physical Engineering
    o Master in Electrical Engineering
    o Master in Civil Engineering
    o Master in Architecture
    o Master in Mathematical Engineering
  • With specialized courses in :
    1. glass (including solgel, Nan particles, mem’s, sensors)
    2. glass composition
    3. thin layers
    4. solar technologies in thin layers, photovoltaic, organic photovoltaic, lab photovoltaic cells)
    5. Led, oled
    6. photothermic
    7. surface testing techniques (related to thin layers)
    8. refractories
    9. Engineering students in Civil engineering, specialized in photovoltaic, thermal comfort, digital simulation of structures

These scholarships will allow selected students at Louvain School of Engineering to register for one academic semester in the selected partner institutions -preferably mid-September till mid-January (Fall semester) in the 5th year or alternatively mid-January till mid-June (Spring semester) in the 4th year. See list of selected institutions below: