How & When to apply

How to apply as an exchange student ?

You can apply for an exchange at Louvain School of Engineering at UCLouvain if you are registrered as a student at one of our partner universities and your home university has an agreement for student exchange with us.     

To be able to apply as an exchange student at Louvain School of Engineering (EPL), your home institution's international office has to nominate you by filling in the Nomination Form and send it to Miss Sandrine Matthieu at the following e-mail address :

The deadlines for receiving your nomination are:

01 May For the Fall semester (14 Sept - 31 January) or a whole academic year (14 Sept - 30 June)
01 November For the Spring semester (01 Feb - 30 June)

Once you receive an e-mail confirming your nomination, you should then gather the following documents for your application: 

  1. Upload and fill in our EPL ADMISSION FORM 2023-2024 (document to be completed and signed digitally by you and your home institution, you may use the "fill in and sign" tool in Acrobat Reader)
  2. A photocopy of identity card or passport (properly scanned in pdf format),
  3. An ECTS Learning Agreement signed by you and the academic coordinator of your home institution. Please use the UCL ECTS Learning Agreement template unless your institution's Learning Agreement is mandatory.
    Note that the responsible person at EPL who will sign your Learning Agreement will be your EPL academic supevisor and not the EPL International mobility coordinator.
    IMPORTANT: Please read carefully all the rules mentioned here to create your Learning Agreement.
  4. An official transcript of records of all previous years in higher education (bachelor / undergraduate and master)
    NB: To be official, the document must include an identification code which allows the authenticity of the document to be verified OR the signature and stamp of your home university.
  5. A language proficiency certificate for French and/or English (see requirements)
  6. Complete and sign the “Regulations and data protection form

Please do not merge these 6 documents.

Please rename your documents as follows:
- SURNAME First name_EPL Admission Form
- SURNAME First name_IDCard or SURNAME First name_Passport
- SURNAME First name_Learning Agreement
- SURNAME First name_TOR
- SURNAME First name_English certificate and/or SURNAME First name_French certificate
- SURNAME First name_Regulations and data protection form

When do you have to send us your complete application?

You must submit your complete application by email to before the following deadline:

31 May For the Fall semester (14 Sept - 31 January) or a whole academic year (14 Sept - 30 June)
30 November For the Spring semester (01 Feb - 30 June)

Note that the final decision regarding the acceptance of exchange students will by made by Louvain School of Engineering, after a full review of the application files by the EPL academic responsibles.
This means that you will only get your admission authorization once your EPL academic responsible has approved your complete application file.

Finally, if the exchange period is linked to a Master final thesis, please read carfully the specific rules in the webpage "Master thesis at EPL".