Selection Process Time Frame

 Selection timing

The selection process for AGC scholarship is aligned with the selection process calendars for Mercator and Erasmus exchange programmes, meaning that in order to apply to the AGC scholarship, students must automatically also apply for a student exchange programme, according to the chosen destination  (Mercator = Outside EU /  Erasmus = EU) :

You will need to tick the "AGC" box on the standard Mercator or Erasmus application form. You must also enclose an application letter and an updated resumé

  • 19 December 2014 : Deadline to apply for a Mercator destination
  • 3 March 2015 : Deadline to apply for an Erasmus destination
  • End April 2015 : Final selection made by AGC & Louvain School of Engineering Partnership Management Committee (with a maximum of 5 scholarships per year)

As from April 2015, based on the contact details provided by AGC Glass Europe, students will start organizing their stay in chosen partner institution. The academic semester will be followed or will precede the internship, generally located in the AGC Glass Europe subsidiary based in the same country where the student will have his/her academic semester, or in Belgium, depending on the profile of student and/or projects of AGC Glass Europe available at that time.

The internship’s content must be discussed in due time, directly between the student and AGC Glass Europe. When the internship’s content is well defined, Louvain School of Engineering will then draft a standard internship agreement. Students will also be able to register this internship in their programme as a standard EPL internship, in order to obtain the equivalent ECTS.


Programme timing

Option A  

June -September 2015:                   internship at AGC R&D or Production site in the country where the student's academic 
                                                         semester is foreseen or in European R&D Center in Jumet (Belgium) followed by 

September 2015 -January 2016 :   academic semester in the chosen partner institution.

Option B  

September 2015- January 2016 :   academic semester in the chosen partner institution, followed by 

February - April 2016 :                    internship at AGC R&D or Production site in the country where the student's academic semester is foreseen or in Belgium.

From April 2015 onwards: AGC GLASS EUROPE will keep close contacts with the students for recruitment opportunities in Belgium or other opportunities in Europe.

AGC Glass Europe will provide financial support with a grant of 2.500 € per scholarship. In addition, students will of course be able to apply for an Erasmus or Mercator scholarship.