EDGE research project :
Digital training and smart games to experiment Europe

Under the First Spin-Off Programme (2015 Call), Walloon region (Belgium)

EDGE is a research project carried out within the Institut de Sciences Politiques Louvain-Europe (ISPOLE) of the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium). The project is funded under the First Spin-Off Programme of the Walloon Region for a period of 2 years.

Research objective : Given the need of renewing the training offer on the European Union, EDGE research project aims at developping innovative tools – digital game-based learning tools - for training citizens and professionals on the EU. Compared to classical offers, the tools developped by the EDGE team will rely on the well known potential of games and gamificiation to help users achieving, in a unique way, certified educational objectives. By doing so, EDGE will contribute to make the trainings on the EU more efficient, more flexible and more engaging than any other type of online learning systems currently available.

Contact : Gaëlle Pellon

The team includes :

  •  Full time project leader : Dr. Gaëlle Pellon
  •  Project's supervisor : Dr. Virginie Van Ingelgom, research associate professor F.R.S. - FNRS)
  • Scientific mentors : Ferdinand Teuber (UCL), dr. Joan Pere Plaza i Font (ESCI) and dr. Julian Alvarez ( Université Lille)
  • Business mentors : Paul Croon (Fintro Bank) and Ernst Van't Zelfde (Iqnexus)
  • with the support of the Louvain Technology Transfer Bureau (LTTO) of the UCL.