Job Market Placements


More than 100 PhD students, hosted at LIDAM, graduated over the last years. As shown in the list below, PhD students found interesting jobs in both the public and the private sectors after graduation. LIDAM has also hosted several Post-doc positions.

You will find below a list (non-exhaustive) of placement for the last 7 years. The position mentioned in the list is the position our students found when they left LIDAM and it may differ from their current position.

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Name Status Entity Placement (first job after UCLouvain) Web
Fabrizio Ciotti   CORE Belgian Competition Authority
Post-doc, EU Tax Observatory (hosted at Paris School of Economics)
Younes el Hichou  PhD LFIN Risk Modeller, Dexia  
Cambridge Econometrics
Post-doc, Nova University Lisbon
Hendrik Scheewel 
Post-doc, Nova University Lisbon



Name Status Entity Placement (first job after UCLouvain) Web
Pablo Aguilar PhD IRES Senior Economist at Bank of Spain
Arno Baurin  PhD IRES Junior Associate, McKinsey & Company  
Malo Beguin  PhD LFIN Data Analyst, Bureau économique de la province de Namur  
Sefan Cetin  PhD CORE NN Group (Brussels)  
Arnaud Deseau PhD IRES Post-doc at AMSE Marseille
Dorothee Hillrichs  Post-Doc IRES Post-doc at ifo Institute in Munich
Cristina Lafuente Martinez Post-Doc CORE Assistant professor at the Economics Department of the University of Bath
Quentin Leté  PhD CORE Post-doc at ETH Zürich
Adam Levai PhD IRES Research Associate at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER)  
Robin Ng PhD CORE post doc university of Mannheim
Francesco Roccazzella  PhD LFIN IÉSEG School of Management as Assistant Professor of Finance
Daniele Verdini  PhD IRES Economist at the National Bank of Belgium